Hikes and Walks


The natural setting around the hut offers excursions for everyone, from relaxing walks to explore lakes, whether natural or artificial, scattered through the area, to climbs to the surrounding peaks. Mountaineers will find Pizzo Becco, the highest destination, to be a fulfilling climb on an equipped route or a great climb up a rockface. Maurizio is always available to offer information to anyone on opportunities, trails and the times required.
Animal sightings are also possible, as well as discovering the characteristics of local flora or gathering minerals.
Mountain guides are also available for the most demanding visitors; we recommend that you contact the hut or the Associazione Guide Alpine (Mountain Guides Association) in advance.

Loop routes around the lakes departing from the Gemelli Hut

• Route no.1 – Tour of the Lakes: L. Casere, L. Marcio, L. Becco, L. Colombo, L. Gemelli, in 2.30 hours. Trail no.250.

• Route no.2: B.te del Colletto, L. del Becco, L. Sardegnana, L. Marcio, L. Casere, Hut, in 4 hours. Trails nos.250, 213, 211.
• Route no.3: L. Colombo, B.ta del Teciù, P.so d’Aviasco, P.zo Farno, P.so Val Sanguigno, Laghi Gemelli, Hut, in 5 hours. Trails nos.214, 232.
• Route no.4: P.so dei Laghi Gemelli, Rifugio Alpe Corte, L. Branchino, P.so Branchino, B.te di Mezzeno, P.so di Mezzeno, Hut, in 6 hours. Trails nos.216, 218, 219, 215.
• Route no.5: Lago della Paura, B.ta Orobie, P.so Val Vegia, Lago Val Vegia, P.so Tonale, P.so Mezzeno, Hut, in 4 hours.
• Route no.6: P.so Mezzeno, M. Spondone, M. Tonale, P.so Tonale, Cima Orobie, P.so Val Vegia, L. della Paura, Hut, in 5.30 hours.
• Route no.7 – Circumnavigating the 7 peaks: P.zo del Becco, M. Pradella, P.zo Farno, M. Corte, M. Spondone, M. Tonale, P.zo dell’Orto, in 8 hours (you can return to the Hut from each peak).
• Route no.8: P.so Aviasco, L. Nero, L. Cernello, P.so Portula, Rifugio F.lli Calvi, Rifugio F.lli Longo, L. di Sardegnana, L. Marcio, Hut. Three days recommended. Trails nos.214, 229, 230, 233, 213, 211.
• Route no.9: P.so Aviasco, M. dei Frati, Monte Cabianca, L. Fregabolgia, L. Sardegnana, L. Marcio, Hut, in 7 hours.
• Route no.10: P.so Aviasco, Val dei Frati, L. dei Frati, Baita Cabianca, L. Sardegnana, Val Bonone, P.so Cucchiaio, B.ta del Teciù, L. Colombo, Hut, in 6 hours. Trails nos.214, 247, 213.
• Route no.11: L. Colombo, B.ta del Teciù, P.so Cucchiaio, Val Bonone, L. Sardegana,, L. Marcio, Hut, in 5 hours.
Green = easy hike/walk
Red = difficult hike/walk


Hike/walk no.1:             Tour of the Laghi Gemelli, in 1 hour

Hike/walk no.2:              Lago della Paura, in 0.45 hour

Hike/walk no.3:              Palestrina, in 0.45 hour

Hike/walk no.4:              Valle Scura

Hike/walk no.5:              Baita Orobie, in 1.30 hours

Hike/walk no.6:              Pietra Quadra, in 3 hours

Hike/walk no.7:              Monte delle Galline, in 1 hour

Hike/walk no.8:              Baita del Teciù, in ore 0.45

Hike/walk no.9:              Baite del Colletto, Lago del Becco, in 1 hour

Hike/walk no.10:            Lago Gelato, in 1.45 hours

Hike/walk no.11:            Passo d’ Aviasco, in 1.15 hours

Hike/walk no.12:            Colle di Sardegnana, in 2 hours

Hike/walk no.13:            Rifugio F.lli Calvi, in 4 hours

Hike/walk no.14:            Rifugio F.lli Longo, in 4 hours

Hike/walk no.15:            Rifugio Alpe Corte, in 3 hours

Hike/walk no.16:            Valle dei Frati, Lago dei Frati, in 3 hours